Linux Questions & Answers – File Management – ۱

Linux Questions & Answers – File Management – ۱

Linux Questions & Answers – File Management – ۱

چنانچه می خواهید در امتحانات LPIC-1  و یا CompetiALinux+  شرکت کنید این سوالات می تواند به شما کمک کند :

۱٫ Which of the following time stamps need not exist for a file on traditional unix file system

a) Access Time
b) Modification Time
c) Creation Time
d) Change Time

۲٫ Which command is used to set limits on file size

a) fsize
b) flimit
c) ulimit
d) usize

۳٫ Which option of rmdir command will remove all directories a, b, c if path is a/b/c

a) –b
b) –o
c) –p
d) –t


۴٫ Which represents the user home directory

a) /
b) .
c) ..
d) ~

۵٫ If a file is removed in Unix using ‘rm’ then

a) The file can be recovered by a normal user
b) The file cannot be recovered by a user
c) The file can be fully recovered provided the sytem is not rebooted
d) The file will be moved to /lost+found directory and can be recovered only by administrator’s intervention

۶٫ Executing the ‘cd ..’ command when at the root level causes

a) Error message indicating the user can’t access beyond the root level
b) Behavior is unix-flavor dependent
c) Results in changing to the ‘home’ directory
d) Nothing happens

۷٫ How do you rename file “new” to file “old”?

a) mv new old
b) move new old
c) cp new old
d) rn new old

۸٫ What command is used to copy files and directories?

a) copy
b) cp
c) rn
d) cpy

  ۹٫ When mv f1 f2 is executed which file’s inode is freed?

a) f1
b) f2
c) new inode will be used
d) no inode is freed

۱۰٫ Any file’s attribute information is stored in which structure on the disk

a) Inode
b) Data blocks
c) File blocks
d) Directory file

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