Linux Questions & Answers – Shell Environment – ۱

Linux Questions & Answers – Shell Environment – ۱

Linux Questions & Answers – Shell Environment – ۱

در مقاله مربوط به Linux Question & Answers- Shell Environment ،  به بحث پیرامون

متغیرهای محیطی Bash Shell می پردازیم .

برای تمام کسانیکه مایل هستند سیستم عامل لینوکس را از ابتدا و بصورت اساسی آموزش

دیده و با نحوه برنامه نویسی در محیط shell آشنا شوند،این سوالات می تواند مفید باشد .


۱٫ To feed standard output of one command to standard input of another in a single shell session

a) IO redirection can be used
b) Named pipes can be used
c) The pipe operator provided by the shell can be used
d) It can not be done

۲٫ Which of the following commands allows definition and assignment of environment variables under bash

a) env
b) export
c) environ
d) setenviron


۳٫ While executing a command, the shell

a) Executes it in the same process (as shell)
b) Creates a child shell to execute it
c) Loads a special program to take care of the execution
d) None of the mentioned

۴٫ Which variable contains current shell process id

a) $*
b) $?
c) $$
d) $!

۵٫ Which command is used to debug a shell script program

a) set
b) set -x
c) debug
d) db


۶٫ For every successful login, which script will be executed?

a) /etc/inittab
b) /etc/profile
c) /etc/login
d) /etc/init

  ۷٫ Hidden files are

a) Those whose ‘read’ bit is set to ‘h’
b) Permitted for (can be accessed) only superusers
c) Files that begin with a ‘.’
d) Files that cannot be opened by ordinary user for writing


۸٫ Shell is ?

a) Command Interpreter
b) Interface between Kernel and Hardware
c) Interface between user and applications
d) Command Compiler

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