about me

My Resume

 Sophia Alikhani

BD: 20 April 1968

Email : info@mislinux.ir

Address: Iran, Tehran 

Graduate of Applied Mathematics-Computer

Iran University of Science and Technology

 Career history

setup and running operational servers, Infrastructure certification, Linux training, setup and running Zabbix monitoring,

Writing scripts for automation tasks, VMWare administration, Creating team spirit and training young and new colleagues

on their roles, Qmail Administratior, Installing and Running Linux on IBM OS 390 for mail , squid, DNS server.

System analyst with Oracle Designer, Solaris administrator, Informix database administrator, familiar with Oracle

database ,familiar with data conversion from oracle to informix and vise versa, C programmer 

Educational research background

 The author of the book of the Linux operating system CentOS 7

The author of the book Linux Essential 

Teaching Linux at Khaje Nasir-e-Din Tusi University of Electrical and Computer Sciences

Teaching Linux at security school in Iran

Teaching Linux at oracle school in Iran

  Professional knowledge

Linux , Hadoop, VMware,Oracle DB, shell scripting, Documentation, 

 I know English and Persian Languages

  Strengths of Behavior

good connections, communications , Impact / Negotiation, Commitment and motivation of service, Mentoring,

Coaching, Problem solving and decision making, creativity and innovation, self management , Stress and stress

management (adaptability),Teamwork (cooperative spirit),Accountability and accountability